Europe’s energy crisis underscores dangers of proposed Clean Electricity Performance Program

by Isacc Orr

“If Washington policymakers want to see what happens when you push renewable-energy mandates too far, too fast, they only need to read the news stories coming out of Europe. Last month, the Associated Press reported that “The European Trade Union Confederation, which represents 45 million members, said that 15% of the EU’s working poor – the equivalent of 2,713,578 people – lacks enough money to turn on the heating.” 

“On Sunday, the news outlet Mucia Today reported that in Spain, “The cost of electricity is still a staggering six times more expensive than it was a year ago.” A day later, the Spanish steel producer, Sidenor Group, announced it was halting production at one of its plants in Spain “amid exorbitant electricity prices.” The company said it was paying about 227 Euros per megawatt-hour for electricity, which is nearly four times what it was paying at this time last year.”

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